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Kit Premium Fórmula 1 Fanatec Composto de Base CSl Elite Base Wheel  + ClubSports Pedal V3 + Volante ClubSports Steering V2 

               CSL Elite Wheel Base 

ClubSport Technology - The wheel base features advanced and proven ClubSport technology. The servo motor, electronics, and power supply come directly from its high-end brother. The result is a force feedback which is a step above the competition.

Fanatec Peripherals - Fully Supported - The high performance of this wheel base can be upgraded with factory options such as steering wheels, full metal shifters and the legendary loadcell pedals. Of course, all upgrades comes with a full warranty and are plug in and play.

Pure Force Feedback - The mechanics of the wheel base are designed to have minimal friction and ultra-low cogging for the purest force feedback. You can also fine-tune the behavior of the mechanics with the Fanatec tuning menu.

DirectSensor™ Technology - The DirectSensor is mounted directly on the steering axis to keep the steering input precise. This prevents any outside influence or disturbance on the belt drive system.

Interchangeable Steering Wheels -  Change the steering wheel in seconds with our proven automotive grade quick release system - even while in the game.

             ClubSport Pedals V3 USA

90 kg Load Cell (adjustable) -  The custom made load cell is extremely durable and much more precise as the one in V2. You can apply a realistic and strong pressure and precisely control the brake with muscle tension just like in a real car.

Contactless Hall Sensors with 12 bit resolution -  The electronics have been completely revised and the magnetic hall sensors of the gas and clutch feature 4x the resolution of the V2 pedals. Each axis can be calibrated in the wheel or in the driver.

Adjustable Brake Stiffness -  The completely new design of the brake allows to adjust the stiffness and travel of the brake pedal without using any tools.

Full metal construction -  The complete pedal set is made of fine CNC-machined aluminum along with strong steel axis

               ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2

Carbon Fibre and Metal Construction -  The iconic ClubSport Formula wheel has been overhauled, with major improvements to the construction and materials, including the use of a 5mm thick, solid carbon fibre front plate.


Officially licensed for Xbox One® / WIndows® 10The first Formula-type steering wheel with full Xbox One / Windows 10 compatibility. Connecting this wheel to compatible Fanatec® Wheel Bases unlocks access to a huge range of Fanatec peripherals for use on Xbox One® consoles.

More than just eye-catching The spectacular light show is also highly functional. RevLEDs with nine multi-colour LEDs can show motor RPM and optimal shifting point, and the two flag LED bars (FlagLEDs) with three multi-colour LEDs can indicate tyre slip, fuel level, or incoming radio.

Multitasking at your fingertips - 11 buttons, 12-way multi-position switches, thumb encoders, rocker switches; the list goes on. Up to 67 functions of the game can be adjusted directly

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